i was sort of tagged by cosimahellaniehaus because she tagged everyone and i just wanted to do it ok i’m a sucker for these you all know it by now  JUST A SECOND AGO I WAS ACTUALLY TAGGED BY baleelee SO YEAH NOW IT IS LIKE ACTUALLY A THING THANK U HON

rules: just insert your answers to the questions below. tag at least 10 followers.

  • name: katharine
  • nickname: kat, kittie, kay by like 2 people
  • birthday: november 19 hEY JENNY THAT’S THE DAY AFTER YOU almost birthday buds
  • gender: female
  • sexuality: bisexual
  • height: 5’4”
  • time zone: EST
  • what time and date it is there:  Wed 27 Aug 2014 10:39pm
  • average hours of sleep i get each night: ideally 8 or 9 realistically 5 or 6
  • otps: merlin/arthur, john/sherlock and then a heck ton of friendships like felix/alison i live for felix/alison
  • the last thing i googled was: ”sexual dimorphism” it was for bio ok
  • first word that comes to mind: so many words just came to my mind i don’t know which was first uhh “air conditioner”? maybe
  • what i last said to a family member: "yeah mum i know"
  • one place that makes me happy and why: cape cod because i can relax and step away from other things
  • how many blankets i sleep under: 1 puffy comforter
  • favorite beverage: iced chai (no ice. cold chai)
  • the last movie i watched in the cinema: uhh maybe winter soldier i honestly haven’t been to the movies enough this summer. tfios maybe? whichever came out later
  • three things i can’t live without: computer, phone, tatiana maslany
  • something i plan on learning: idk lots of science probably and also hopefully german and italian and i want to fly a plane too i know jenny said that on hers but i got an opportunity to copilot a cessna this summer and i’m like really wanting to go to flight school now but ??? expenses 
  • a piece of advice for all my followers: if there are people in your life who are toxic you have the right to remove yourselves from them and it took me like eight months to figure that out but it was worth it
  • you have to listen to this song: someone else on tumblr recommended “sexotheque” by la roux who sings “bulletproof” and it’s so catchy oh my god. also “daydream” by tori kelly because i finally bought her album after seeing her in concert like ten billion years ago
  • my blog(s): this one and then my other one for pretty pictures is metalpulse but it’s sort of… in development ahah

i tag everyone who wants to do it but especially getsby and junggler and puncromancer and grilleddickcheese and sexioto

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"Little do you know,
I love you ‘til the sun dies”

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I can’t go to jail, Felix! I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them!

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"You’re incredible, Kieren."

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ft. Merlin Cast.


Main cast members still missing: Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Rupert Young and Richard Wilson.

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I always know it’s him
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Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Morgana || Lancelot” (1x05)

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